eponamind farrier technology


World class technical products devoted to the well-being of the horse.

Epona Shoes

Polyurethane horseshoes for comfort, health, and performance.

EponaShoe is designed to be the healthiest alternative for the horses foot. EponaShoes are used in all situations, from therapeutic cases to performance horses (USA Olympic team).

The flexible design allows the whole hoof to flex, and is therefore one step closer to barefoot than rigid shoes. Eponashoes can be nailed on, glued on, or cast-on, giving the farrier options to choose from.

Only registered farriers are legally permitted to purchase horseshoes due to the Farriers Registration Act 1975. All orders will be checked with the Farriers Registration Council prior to being processed.

Epona Kits

The Metron-Hoof Bundle combines Metron software and hardware kit (carry case, 2 Blocks, EponaCam, Auto-Scaler with Base, 3 Finger Rings, 1 Background Board) in one convenient package.

MetronHoof Software

Metron-Hoof is an image-based system using photographs and radiographs to keep track of the horse’s hoof.

Epona Metron Blocks

The Metron Blocks are used to stand both horses feet on for taking radiographs and photographs whilst maintaining the hoof at the correct orientation when capturing images. External and internal markers on the blocks automatically calibrates the horses foot when utilising Metron software.

Epona Cam

The EponaCam Cradle holds your smartphone, converting it into a hoof camera and can be used with most Android or iPhone smartphones.  The light fixture is helpful in poorly lit situations depending on your smartphone’s camera quality and is charged via a USB. Consistently enables the user to capture reliable photos of the hoof when using the Metron Block transmitting them directly to Metron-Hoof via Wi-fi.