farrier tool rebuilds

Farrier Tool Rebuilds

Trinity Farrier Services can rebuild most brands of nippers, pull offs and clinchers.

We aim to satisfy customer expectations, our work is guaranteed with a quick turnaround to ensure your tools are doing the hard work so you don’t have to!

Your Tools

When you send your farrier tools to us for rebuilding, you’ll receive your tools back, guaranteed. All tools are individually initialled and logged upon arrival, either send direct to us or check with your local farrier supply.

farrier tool rebuild process

Our Work

Each tool will undergo a full service which includes a full strip clean, rivet replacement, realignment, balancing and heat treatment before sharpening to correct angles to ensure maximum performance. All tools will receive a final check and a light oiling before being returned.

Rebuild Services


I sent several pairs of nippers to Trinity Farrier Services for a rebuild, I was amazed at how well they came up, just like new. A reasonable turn round time and kept fully informed of their progress. Dig your old pairs of nippers out and send them to Trinity Farrier Services, you won’t be disappointed.

J.W – Dip W.C.F

A big thank you to all at Trinity a Farrier Sevices, my well used GE nippers have been returned looking first class for less than half the new price for a new pair. I will definitely be using this service again, which I would highly recommend.

G.H – DipWCF

Like most farriers I never threw my old nippers away, I did however repurpose them as bolt croppers, nail cutters and generally abused them! Needless to say the pair I sent to Trinity Farrier Services were awful with large chunks missing, the reins touching and covered in rust! They were returned completely renovated and as new as the originals, I’ve used them for three months now and they’re still going strong, it’s a fantastic service that I would highly recommend.

M.H – AWCF Master Farrier