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A little bit about us

Trinity Farrier Services is owned and operated by Mark Aikens DipWCF BSc (Hons) who has been a professional farrier for over thirty years.

Mark Aikens rebuilding farrier tools

Farrier Tool Rebuilds

Trinity Farrier Services can rebuild most brands of nippers, pull offs and clinchers. We aim to satisfy customer expectations, our work is guaranteed with a quick turnaround to ensure your tools are doing the hard work so you don’t have to!

10% discount on orders of 3 or more rebuilds returned back to the same address.


Luwex Hoof Knives are engineered with high precision in Bavaria, ensuring ease of use when trimming horses feet whilst decreasing the strain in your wrists and hands. The quality steel in the blades retains a very sharp and durable edge which is able to endure dozens of horses without needing to be resharpened.

Pure Nature Hoofcare

Pure Nature Hoof Care are a range of products developed over years by renown farrier Jan Krogh, from Denmark, who wanted to establish a brand that did not damage the horse’s hoof, was safe to use, and is free of solvents (turpentine, acetone, etc.) that can be detrimental to the function of the hoof.

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Trinity Farrier Services, Primrose Lodge, Mill Road, Alpington, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7PQ, United Kingdom

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