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Hoof Knives

Ergonomic design combined with interchangeable blades.

Luwex Loop Blade Set 2

Sharpening Tools

Razor-sharp knives in less than a minute.

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Luwex Hoof Knives

Luwex Hoof Knives are engineered with high precision in Bavaria, ensuring ease of use when trimming horses feet whilst decreasing the strain in your wrists and hands. The quality steel in the blades retains a very sharp and durable edge which is able to endure dozens of horses without needing to be re-sharpened.

Luwex Hoof Blades are hand forged and hand sharpened. Due to their high precision decision, care must be taken to not twist or bend the blades as this can lead to breakage in some cases.

Luwex Sharpening Tools

The Luwex Sharpening Machine is designed to rapidly sharpen straight/drop/loop blades and also kitchen knives. The body is made from aluminium and stainless steel, with dual mounted rollers which will last decades. The length of the 240 grit belt combined with the slow running motor (1250 rpm) ensures optimum sharpening whilst keeping the blade cool – this concept allows precise sharpening of the working edge.